Saturday, 10 March 2012

Brooks half marathon 2012

Venue: Bukit Jalil Stadium
Date : 11/03/12

Participated in 10KM run women open.
Nike plus records:
Distance : 10.8KM
Pace: 7'11"
Duration: 1:18:09
Calorie: 408cal

Friday, 3 February 2012

Japan Revisited_Part 2

I've loaded some photos in Universal Studio Japan, Shinsaibashi (Japan version of Petaling street), and Rinku Premium Outlet. Now I'm gonna bring you to Kyoto. Enjoy the pics, ya.. :)

Our 3rd year wedding anniversary. Yes.. This time in Kyoto :)
This is shopping heaven :)
At Shijo-Kawaramachi
Underground shopping mall @Kyoto Eki

Kyoto Eki

Shop houses selling souvenirs at the Ginkakuji Temple (Silver Pavillion)

Yes.. Last but not least, my new 34th Street Treesh Kate Spade. Got it on my last day before departure at Rinku Premium outlet. I love it!!!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Japan Revisited_Osaka-Kyoto adventure : Part 1

I had a great time in osaka-kyoto last week that I still feel sad to go back to reality. I wish my life is so easy that I can have fun all the time, not doing anything, yeah, that is just a dream everyone wished for. We flew to Osaka Kansai on the 18th Jan. 2012, and upon arrival we were greeted by a nihon policeman who actually knows how to speak Indonesian so fluently. Someone was supposed to pick us up that night, and both me and husband were clueless on how to get to the hotel which i about 1 hour drive from Kansai. To cut story shor, the poloceman tried calling the hotel, and the hotel said they dont do pick ups, then we managed to find the travel agent who were supposed to pick us up. She was there all along, th problem was, she didnt put up our names on the banner but put up the agency name instead. How were we supposed to know they are the ones picking us up??? anyway, the ride to the hotel was a quiet one because the travel agent was a Chinese citizen, who do not know a word of English. So, at 11 p.m., we arrived at the hotel, Toyoko Inn. So, anyway, enjoy the pictures, and check out the captions, yea... :)

The expensive in-flight meal. Hate saying this, but we had to eat because we were too hungry. It was a 6-hours long journey.
A few hours after taking off.... Love the view..
The lady in white fuyu jaketto is the travel agent. The agency named TomatoCherry.. Hahaha...
Checked-in Toyoko Inn Yodoyabashi Eki Minami. Room 602.
Yeah.. The small room, without wardrobe. But its comfortable enough for us. Even said so, the room costed us 7000yen/night!
We bought dinner (bento) from the convenient store across the street (7-Eleven).
Thursday morning along Hiranomachi road. It was a cold morning. Temperature approx. 4-5C. We were on our way to Rinku Premium Outlet.
Before crossing the street.
This motorcyclist got a summon ticket from the traffic police. Perhaps too many things on the motorbike?
It was so exciting... going shopping to Rinku!!!!
The subway and JR lines given by the tourist office earlier that morning. Very clear, and easy to understand. Wakarimashita!
The Rinku Premium Outlet @ Rinku town!! Yay!!!! Well, was excited at the beginning...
Coach collections are a bit outdated and a bit more expensive than the prices from online blogs. Of course, there was 50% discount plus another 30% off for those carrying foreign passport. The price still reaching RM1k+. I was dissappointed not being able to buy anything from here, but I managed to get some running attires from nike. Oh, on our last day, we dropped by Rinku outlet again, and got myself a Kate Spade :D grinning.. hehehe..

The rapid train schedule.

Shinsaibashi Street. loved it. Nice place for shopping!!!! <3